Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Newborn SleepSack

Well, the big move has happened, and we are settled into our new house.  We absolutely love it and already feel like we've been here for much, much longer than a week!  I got my sewing area set up (which I'll have to share in another post), and have several baby showers coming up, so I got to work having some fun today!  

I made this sweet newborn sleep-sack with a tutorial by Jessica from Running With Scissors, a blog I recently discovered and fell in love with!  She has so many great projects and lots of free tutorials to check out, so I suggest that you do!  

I  made this Kimono SleepSack today in about 2 hours from start to finish.   And I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  The tutorial is SO easy to follow, and since its for a newborn, it really doesn't take very much fabric.  I made my bodice out of an old jersey knit sheet I had lying around, the binding is from an old tank-top, and the flannel was a scrap someone gave to me a while back.  I love the sweet, yet fun combination of these prints, and the price!  FREE.  It is great to be able to recycle things and still come up with something cute and sweet.  My favorite feature are the little cuff mittens to keep little hands warm and prevent scratches.

The flower on the chest was made using this tutorial from Make It and Love It, and the hat was made using the Top Knot Baby Hat tutorial over at Prudent Baby (yes, more time-sucking blogs).  There will be lots more baby things to share on here in the coming weeks!  We'll see if I can keep this going or not.  Thanks for taking a look!   


Candice Adema said...

I was just reading Running with Scissors and saw that your project was posted! That's so cool. It looked familiar so I had to check if it was yours. :)

becca said...

How fun! Thanks for letting me know...I haven't looked at her blog for a while, so I might not have even seen it! :)