Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what I've been up to

I was waiting to share this blanket with you until it had been received.  Well, the box was opened today, so I can share it now!  This is another take on the baby bunting quilt I made for my husband's cousin's babies.  I still have tons of triangles left - even after this third blanket.  I'm kind of obsessed with making these now too.  They're so quick and fun and you can get creative with it.  The next new baby we know is going to get something even more elaborate, I think.  I just have this image in my head of a scene with with an alligator at a fair holding balloons and a lollipop, and some of the balloons have gotten away from him and are flying in the air...and  a ferris wheel peeking out on the right hand side.  Is that weird?  I think it would be fun.

Anyway, here is baby Logan's blanket to welcome him into the world!  Maybe it will entice him to make his appearance sooner rather than later :)

Other than getting ready to go back to work next week, and rearranging the apartment for my sister's extended stay in September, this has been my new time-sucker:

Yes, I bought a cello.  My early birthday present to me.  It is just a small 3/4 size thing - I'm sure a real cellist would shake their head at me for playing such a small cello.  But I like it.  I can throw it in the trunk with all my other stuff, it's easy to handle, it didn't cost me tons of money, and if I decide to continue to pursue this instrument, I will invest in a nicer, correctly sized one.  I could play this 5+ hours a day and not notice it had been that long (well, my fingers might notice).  

I am enjoying it thoroughly - best $125 bucks and drive to Lynnwood I have ever spent.

Oh, and I have the best teacher.

Baby and housework are a-calling! Hope you enjoy this rainy day!  And hopefully I'll get back to sewing in the next few weeks once things settle around here!

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