Monday, July 26, 2010


So, every now and then, I like to look online at a few different clothing websites for inspiration.  Some of my favorites are anthropologie, modcloth, and shabby apple.  They have so many beautiful dresses and pictures, but I'm sorry, I will not spend $98+ on a dress (or blouse, for that matter), when I can easily replicate it for much cheaper.  Also, price entirely aside, one of the things I've been trying to become more conscious of is being intentional with my purchases.  I would much rather support a local charity and recycle clothing rather than buy something new. 

This morning, I decided to flip through the Charlotte Russe website, and I found some great pieces I would love to imitate in the nearby future:

I think this skirt is just so cute.  I love the little bit of personality in the ruffles on the back.  I have a dress I made a little while back - one of the first sewing projects I attempted, and it didn't turn out so great...anyway, I've left it intact until I found something I wanted to make with it - I think this would be a great way to reuse that fabric.  Plus, I've wanted a pencil skirt for some time, but have never been able to find one that fits the bill (or the hips).

I love the colors and sort of vintage look of this dress.  I've seen a lot of these skirt/tank remakes online, and I've done one myself (if I get my husband to take some pics of me in it, I will post about that project soon).  But I think this one is slightly more unique than some of the ones I've seen.  Most tutorials make them with ribbed tanks (understandably, as many of us have old navy tanks lying around that are stretched out and unworn as of late), but I really like the draped look of this dress and continuity between the skirt and top.

Still looking for some more cardigan remakes I can tackle for the fall, this ruffled cardi caught my eye.  This combines my love for neutrals, cropped sleeves, and light-weight ruffles.  Definitely will have to keep this one in my mind for an upcoming project.

And, just a few more "flowy" tops with some fun embellishments - always nice to have a few ideas for t-shirt refashions. 

Well, now you've seen some glimpses into what I'm hoping to tackle in the next month or so with my sewing projects in the clothing-for-myself realm.  Especially hoping to make some of these before I go back to work in September.    I usually get sidetracked with something else, but now I have this post to look at and be reminded of what I wanted to make.  I will definitely be documenting my progress with tutorials and step-by-steps for anyone who would like to try it out for themselves.

Happy Monday!

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